Jeremy Corbyn turns down dinner with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

London: Leader of Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, turned down a dinner invitation on Thursday, where Theresa May has invited Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to mark the centenary of the Balfour Declaration in London.

Corbyn refused and apparently asked the foreign secretary, Emily Thornberry, to attend as per the reports.

According to a report by Metro, Corbyn has supported Palestine and a two-state solution for the two conflicting nations. Corbyn had earlier declined an invitation to an Israeli reception which was attended by Mark Regev, the Israel ambassador.

He sent Thornberry in his place and claimed to have work on his leader’s speech. However, he was seen at three other receptions that evening.

The Balfour Declaration was a pledge of British government’s supporting a Jewish ‘national home’ in Palestine and was signed by former foreign secretary Arthur Balfour on November 2, 1917.