Jeremy Corbyn egged during London mosque visit

LONDON: A 41-year-old man has been arrested after British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn egged while on a visit to a north London mosque.

According to media reports, the incident happened when Corbyn visiting the Finsbury Park Mosque and Muslim Welfare House his north London constituency on Sunday afternoon.

It is believed that he had been sitting and chatting with community leaders in a friendly atmosphere when the alleged attacker came from behind and hit in head with egg.

“A 41-year-old man was quickly detained by officers on scene and arrested on suspicion of assault,” the Metropolitan Police said. “He is currently in custody at a north London police station.”

He was overheard to say: “When you vote you get what you vote for. I believe in peace. I believe in voting.”

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Mr. Corbyn later tweeted, without mentioning the egging: “Every year Muslim communities across the country open their doors to people of all faiths and none on #VisitMyMosque Day. It’s a fantastic opportunity to build understanding across communities and educate ourselves about our diverse communities. Let’s build bridges not walls.”

It was part of the national Visit My Mosque Day, began in 2015 where this year over 250 mosques throw open their doors all around the UK to welcome guests and non-Muslims.

Visit My Mosque day is facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain.