Jennifer Lopez’s direction ambition

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she wants to direct films and TV shows.

Lopez recently directed her first music video “Limitless”, the track which featured on her new rom-com “Second Act”.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Lopez responded when asked by if she wants to direct more in television and film.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said about directing the music video in which her daughter appears.

“This is a song that Sia wrote for the movie. It’s the anthem for ‘Second Act’. I asked her watch the movie and tell me what you think – if you’re inspired, write something, and she wrote ‘Limitless,’ which is: I thought I had to be somebody else, but look at me now, I’m limitless,” Lopez said.

“I love that sentiment. That’s exactly what the movie is about. It’s that perfect holiday movie with this perfect song. My daughter is in the video. It’s a dream project for me, so I’m excited for everybody to see it,” she added.

In “Second Act”, Lopez features as Maya, a 40-year-old woman who is frustrated with her unfulfilling life while working in a box store. It tells how her life turns around when she finds herself in the position to land her dream job in Madison Avenue. Brought to India by PVR Pictures, the film will release on January 4 next year.