Jennifer Aniston can’t cook

London: Actress Jennifer Aniston said she is great at making convenience food but wishes she was better at making meals.

Reportedly,Jennifer Aniston, who is married to Justin Theroux, talked about her cooking skills in an interview.

“I would love to really learn how to cook and prepare beautiful meals, I just don’t have the time. (My trick is that) we call them cuppa eggs and they’re these little poached eggs. I put them in a to-go cup. I’m really good at quick, on-the-go types of food,” she said.

The actress said she is much more ‘strict’ with her diet than she used to be.
“I’m definitely strict about what goes into my body. I got rid of Sweet ‘N Low, Splenda… all those things we thought were good for us when we were getting rid of sugar.

“The thing that still needs to go is my Coffee-Mate creamer but that’s my last guilty pleasure.”