Jelly-Fruit Delight


1. 1 pack jelly crystal (about 1.2 – 3.4 cup)
2. 3 tbsp custard powder
3. 1.2 litre full cream milk
4. 1.2 tin condensed milk (or as liked)
5. 1.2 tetrapack cream (or as liked)
6.1.2 cup fresh grated coconut;
7. 1.2 cup mixed fruits and nuts of choice
8. 1.2 cup crushed chocolate biscuits /cake
9. 1.4 cup chocolate chips or bits of chocolate
10. 3.4 cup boiling water


1. To piping hot water, add jelly crystals, mix and set aside to cool.

2. Pour the milk in a pan to heat. Mix custard with 2-3 tbsp cold milk to form a smooth liquid (make sure there are no lumps).

3. Heat milk to boiling point. Remove from heat; slowly add the custard mix to it, stirring continuously over low heat till custard begins to bubble and thicken.

4. Remove from heat and add the condensed milk and cream.

5. Set aside to cool.

6. Line the serving bowl with crushed biscuit.

7. Follow through with layers of the rest of the ingredients, including the jelly and custard.

8. Decorate with bits of fruit or chocolate.

9. Add a dash of condensed milk on top if you like.

10. Pop in refrigerator to set (for about 10 minutes or as required).