Jeevan advices KCR to behave as secularist

Demanding that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao conduct himself as a secularist shunning ludicrous thoughts, senior Congress leader and former minister T Jeevan Reddy said the people of the State have to bear the Cross for two more years due to the whimsical thoughts of the Chief Minister.


Speaking to the media at Assembly media hall here on Tuesday, Jeevan Reddy alleged that the Chief Minister has lost belief in democracy. The Chief Minister was trying to burden the people by razing the existing Secretariat building to the ground and proposed to construct a new Secretariat building on the pretext of bad Vaastu. The Chief Minister was saying that he will construct a new Assembly building at Erramanzil by neglecting double bedroom houses to the poor, he deplored.


Demanding that the Chief Minister implement his election manifesto first, Jeevan Reddy alleged that the TRS government was going for prestige in the name of new buildings at a time when the State was facing financial crisis. The TRS government was not releasing funds to the Shadi Mubarak, Kalyana Laxmi for the last six months. There was no cooperation to ‘Abhaya Hastam’, he slammed.

The TRS government was not releasing funds Rs.1000 crore arrears under CRF, Non-CRF in regard to drinking water schemes, he claimed. The Arogya Sree scheme services were stopped as the government was not releasing Rs.500 crore arrears to it. The government was also not releasing funds to Fee Reimbursement scheme. There was no payment to the laborer under NREGS as the government diverted the funds to other schemes. The government released 12.5 percent funds for the priority schemes, he alleged. (NSS)