JD(U) Party not happy with BJP for its unilateral style, comments

New Delhi: BJP Party does not really seem to care about its allies since TDP party has recently pulled out of NDA Government and Shiv Sena’s recent announcement of contesting the next elections independently, now reports are JD(U) party is deeply disappointed with the saffron party.

Well according to the sources, all is not well between JD(U) party and the saffron party BJP and Bihar CM and JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar is disappointed with BJP over many reasons, which includes absence of JD(U) representative in the Modi Government and the recent communal remarks by two Union Ministers.

Sources, however, said though the JD(U) is disappointed with BJP’s unilateral mechanism the party has no intention of pulling out of NDA since JD(U) does not stand a chance to survive an election on its own, Indian Express reported.

JD(U) party after joining NDA gave 14 ministerial berths to legislators from the party and 13 to the BJP, including the deputy CM’s post to Sushil Kumar Modi, besides one ministry to NDA ally LJP of Ram Vilas Paswan, and this Nitish expected would be recognized by BJP.

But none of this was recognized and BJP continued its unilateral style at the centre with all influential top positions given to the party members.

Moreover, what irked the ministers was the recent sudden announcement on national TV by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar who said that MPs from alliance partners would not draw their salaries and allowances for 23 days on which Parliament did not function in the recent Budget Session.

JD(U) Chief Nitish, said the sources, is upset over remarks made by Union ministers Giriraj Singh and Ashwini Kumar Choubey after NDA lost in the recent byelections in Bihar.

Which forced the CM to publicly state his party would never compromise with “either corruption or communalism,” as is promoted by the saffron party since JD(U) has always been striving for good governance in the state.