JDU MLA Gopal Mandal seen roaming in undergarments on Patna-Delhi train

New Delhi: After a picture of JDU MLA Gopal Mandal roaming around in undergarments on a train went viral on social media, he clarified that his stomach was upset during the journey from Patna, Bihar to New Delhi.

“I was wearing only the undergarments as my stomach was upset during the journey,” he told ANI.

The JDU MLA from Gopalpur in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar was on the Tejas Rajdhani Express train on Thursday. Fellow passengers of the train had complained about the behaviour of the MLA when he was seen roaming in his undergarments.

“The moment I boarded the train, I wanted to use the loo immediately. So I removed my kurta pyjama and took the towel on my shoulder. I did not have the time to wrap it around my waist,” said Mandal.

Elaborating the series of events, the MLA said that an individual sitting in the adjoining compartment stopped him by holding his hand and questioned him for roaming “naked”.

“That person asked me why I roaming naked. He held my hand. He disturbed me. Then I rushed to the toilet,” he said.

The JDU MLA said, “The moment I came out, I asked him who are you. He said I am general public. To which I questioned who does this to an MLA.”

He claimed that there was no woman present in the compartment at the time he walked past to go to the toilet.

“When the police came and questioned us about the argument, I showed them my clothes. I am almost 60 years old. That man held my hand and embarrassed me. He pushed me to which I responded by abusing. Thereafter, I apologised to him,” he said.