JD(U) corners PM Narendra Modi over ‘growing intolerance’

New Delhi: The Janata Dal (United) on Monday lashed out at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for his defence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and questioned his stand on the growing intolerance in the country.

“Where was Jaitley when there was violence after Godhra and the law was silent and Modi ji was supporting the rioters? Where was he when one lakh people had left their houses due to intolerance in Muzaffarnagar? Where was he when a Muslim was forced to eat when he was keeping fast during the time of Ramzan? asked JD(U) leader KC Tyagi.

Meanwhile, the Congress Party also mounted pressure on Prime Minister Modi over the recent untoward incidents in the country.

“I think it is vice-versa. As the chief minister, despite what Atal ji had said at that time, he did not regret. When he became the Prime Minister, then his ministers, Cabinet colleagues, MPs and party office bearers have spoken such things which have threatened the thread of unity of this country. Modi ji kept quiet,” Congress leader Pramod Tiwari said.

“This shows that it was a strategic silence from Modi ji and others are supposed to speak what they have spoken to create terror, confusion and insecurity in the society,” he added.

Another Congress leader Rashid Alvi criticised the BJP-led NDA regime for failing to fulfil the promises made to the nation.

“What major reforms have you done in the last one-and-a-half year? The prices of pulses have gone high, is this your reform? There is news coming in that the people won’t get pulses but chicken in jail. Is this your reform? Arun Jaitley, try to understand the situation,” Alvi told ANI.

In a Facebook blog post titled `Ease of Doing Business`, Jaitley had yesterday said that since 2002, Prime Minister Modi has been “the worst victim of ideological intolerance”.

He also stated that the government was trying to accelerate India’s growth.

“There are many who have never intellectually accepted the idea of the BJP being in power. This obviously includes the Congress, Left thinkers and activists. Over decades they have practised ideological intolerance towards the BJP. Since 2002, the PM himself has been the worst victim of ideological intolerance,” he said.