JCB providing preferential treatment for overseas members visiting Japan snow festival

Hokkaido: From discount on bus tickets to gift cards, JCB is offering a large number of preferential services to its overseas members who are visiting Hokkaido town of Japan for annual ‘Sapporo Snow Festival’.

“The number of people who come from overseas to visit Sapporo in Hokkaido is increasing every year. There are a lot of tourists from Asia not only visiting one time but also as repeaters. We are also preparing to offer more preferential treatment for JCB cardholder and would like to welcome many tourists with attractiveness for shopping and sightseeing in Hokkaido,” said Akane Kono, an official from JCB.

Informing about the services, another JCB official Fumika Saigo said JCB offers a variety of services to members who come from overseas. “For example, our members can buy bus tickets from the airport to Sapporo City with discount and can get a lot of coupons that are available in popular shopping spots.”

JCB has launched a campaign called ‘Lucky Draw Campaign!’ conducted at Tax Refund Counter of one of the popular departmental store of Sapporo city DAIMARU. Customers also have a chance to win JCB gift cards worth up to 2000 yen and other prizes on their shopping of at least 20,000 yen with JCB card in Japan. Chitose Outlet Mall ‘Rera’ is also one of the places for JCB preferential treatment. By spending more than 3000 yen in Rera mall with JCB card, customers can get the voucher of ‘Krispy Kream doughnut'”

In addition to that, JCB is offering discounts to buy cosmetics and beauty goods from Satsudora store.