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JC, Srinivas Goud wordy duel at RTA office; JC taken into preventive custody

JC, Srinivas Goud wordy duel at RTA office; JC taken into preventive custody

Tension prevailed at Road Transport Authority office here at Khairatabad on Tuesday when AP TDP MLA J C Prabhakar Reddy and TRS MLA Srinivas Goud arrived there to prove their respective stands about alleged irregularities in travels owned by the former.

Sensing trouble, the police took J C Prabhakara Reddy into preventive custody and shifted him to police station where the TDP MLA alleged that police arrested him because he belongs to Andhra Pradesh. Srinivas Goud had alleged irregularities in the travels owned by JC Prabhakar Reddy and the latter refuted the charge and challenged Srinivas Goud to come to the RTA office where he can disprove the allegations. Accepting the challenge thrown by TDP MLA, Srinivas Goud arrived there along with the owners of Telangana private bus operators.

Condemning his arrest, Prahakar Reddy said he came to the RTA office, along with all evidence to disprove the charge of Srinivas Goud. He also questioned the police as to why the TRS legislator was not arrested when they took him into custody alone. Stating that he has a passion of running buses and his father too had run buses, Prabhakar Reddy alleged that Srinivas Goud was trying to give sermons on behalf of private bus operators of Telangana. Stating that he was maintaining cordial relations with the private operators, Prabhakar Reddy contended that he was running 44 buses and all of them have all required permits.

Alleging that the TRS leader doesn’t know about private travels business, the TDP leader challenged that he would stop all his buses if Srinivas Goud prove his allegations. He also said he has no objection to Srinivas Goud talking about private travels. But he was not a bad person to get others’ buses caught by the RTA authorities. He said Sunil has 120 buses and he has 44 buses and all of them have permits and anybody can check the documents.

TRS MLA Srinivas Goud said the TSRTC was incurring recurring losses due to the illegal business of private travels. They are running the travel buses in the name of stage carriers in violation of the rules and without valid papers. The vehicles belonging to Telangana were being stopped in AP whereas all facilities