Jaypore launches first offline store in Delhi

New Delhi: As the season turns, bringing with it the anticipation of new beginnings and fresh journeys, Jaypore is adding a fresh chapter to its story. After five years of bringing the best of artisanal India online, Jaypore – the leading online platform for the finest craft based designs from across India – is now venturing offline.

Celebrating the opening, Jaypore hosted an intimate evening with long standing friends of the brand, well-wishers and the brand team on 21st March, 2018. Starting with a walk through of the store with co-founders Puneet Chawla and Shilpa Sharma, the evening progressed into a folk meets poetry music showcase by contemporary blues musician Harpreet Singh.

Jaypore started back in 2012 with one key idea – to present the best kept secrets of Indian craft and design in contemporary iterations to the global audience. And following an immensely rewarding journey online, it’s now time to bring the story offline, molding it afresh for the dynamic world around – a world of real experiences and one on one engagements. Bridging the gap between what you see online and how it feels in person, the Jaypore store is a place for tactile experiences, to try and then buy the best of artisanal designs from across India.

An intricate Rattan Jaali facade, reminiscent of palaces of Jaipur, sets the backdrop for soothing white interiors punctuated with rustic wood accents, and the criss cross play of natural light offsets the vibrant abundance of design all around. From season appropriate contemporary apparel capsules to one of a kind craft collectibles, vintage silver jewelry and folk accessories, there is something for every Indian fashion and design lover at the Jaypore store.

Jaypore continues to be an online first brand and the Jaypore store will reflect this – a space where commerce will intersect with culture, and technology will add a new dimension to the art of curation and discovery, creating a seamless omnichannel experience for visitors in store. Bringing together the physical and digital world of Jaypore, in-store tablets and digital screens will facilitate browsers with detailed information on all that they see in the store as well as provide options for similar items online, style guides, tips and a quick access to the entire Jaypore universe while in store. Making their shopping experience effortless, fun and fulfilling,

“We first ventured offline last year in August with our Open House, a cross country travelling exhibit that has since toured 8 cities, meeting with immensely positive response everywhere. This reaffirmed our notion that offline Jaypore stores are the way ahead for us. Starting with New Delhi, right where our online journey started, our offline chapter has only just begun,” said co-founder and CEO, Jaypore, Puneet Chawla. (ANI)