Japanese firms eager to tap farming sector across Asia

Tokyo, Nov. 5 : To promote new farm techniques and equipment, Japan recently organized an expo titled “Agri World”.

The expo witnessed the participation by agriculture industry professionals from across Japan and Asia.

Kantoh-Nohsan Co., a Japanese Agritech firm, showcased the concept of “Science of root environment”.

Beneficial for garden plants, it helps in spreading healthy roots for a crop.

“The Asian nations such as China are interested in the dense planting system of tomatoes and we have a technique to offer them. We think we have a great chance of bringing the system to the Asian nations in the near future,” said Kazuhiro Manabe, Sales Department, Kantoh Nohsan Co., Ltd.

SERIE Co. Ltd. introduced soil conditioner made of coconut palm. The product is processed in Vietnam.

“They are processed in Vietnam. The raw material is washed by water, finely-comminuted and screened in Vietnam and then delivered to Japan,” said Kazuyuki Miyoshi, President, SERIE Co., Ltd.

“We hear that many Asian people want to get the agricultural training in Japan. Also we hear from Japanese farmers that they want to make vegetables in Asian countries. So, we can introduce good environment for both side,” added Miyoshi.

Another company shows damage prevention products from wild animals.

Mitsugiron is originally manufacturer of plastics resin. And they didn’t make damage prevention products. But they challenged new products for some reason.

“Retail shops are selling more and more damage prevention products. And I heard the amount of the damage last year was about 20 billion yen. That’s why we wanted to help the farmers by utilizing our technology of plastics resin so that they can grow crops more safely,” said Koji Obayashi, Sales Department, Mitsugiron Co. Ltd.

Meanwhile, Nobuo Azuma, Sales Department, Farmage Inc., expressed his delight to help the farmers with their products.

“Farmers take time and effort to grow crops. But when they are going to gather crops wild boar eat everything. Then the farmers go hopeless and quit their job. But we can help those kinds of farmers gather crops as expected and they get hopes to work continuously as farmers next year,” he said.

To protect crops from birds and animals, Keyon has introduced a horn-like product which makes annoying noise. The company sells different types of such products.

“For example, we lent the product to the customer for trial last year. And one or two weeks later they said the animals are gone so they don’t need the products anymore and didn’t buy it. The product worked too well,” said Azusa Sugimoto, Keyon Co., Ltd.

The agriculture sector is a vast market for the Japanese company to tap. (ANI)