Japanese company creates ‘Mobile Mosque’, video goes viral

Tokyo: In 2020, Japan is going to host visitors from different countries of the world for the Summer Olympics. There are bright chances that the number of mosques in the country may not be sufficient for Muslim visitors. In order to address the issue, a Tokyo Sports and Cultural Events Company has created “Mobile Mosque”.

According to the report published in Al Jazeera, giving the details of the invention, Mr. Yasuharu Inoue, CEO of Yasu Project, said that this mosque could be made available at different venues of Olympic. The first such masjid was made public this week.

YouTube video

Talking about the project, Mr. Inoue said that he got this idea four years ago when he was on a trip to Qatar.

The goal behind the project is not just to arrange religious infrastructure but to promote world peace.

This mosque is basically a truck. When it has to turn into a mosque, its sides slid out to double the width of the truck. It can accommodate around 50 worshippers. It also has a facility for performing “Wudu”.

It may be mentioned that 100,000 to 200,000 Muslims live in Japan.