Japanese airline boosts sightseeing places in Japan

Aomori: Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) has been introducing popular sightseeing places in Aomori Prefecture, located in Tohoku region of Japan.

Hakkoda Mountain is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Aomori that offers various experiences in all the four seasons throughout the year.

In the winter season, many tourists from overseas come to Hakkoda Ropeway, especially, skiers and snow boarders to enjoy the winter sport. The entire mountain is very attractive tourist spot along with a skiing area with sparse population in the region. There are a lot of Snow Monster also near from the top of the ropeway, so many tourists can have opportunity to take picture of trees and enjoy feeling coldness of winter.
‘Aomori Hotate (Scallop) Goya’ is a popular restaurant in the region among tourists, located in front of JR (Japanese Railway) Aomori Station. One of reasons of its popularity is fishing.

After fishing, people can taste fresh Hotate (Scallop) either grilled or sashimi or in the form of sushi.

Akira Tanaka of ‘Aomori Hotate Goya’ said, “Our restaurant mainly provides dishes of Hotate(Scallop). I really hope that customers enjoy our fresh and delicious dishes. In addition to that, everyone can experience fishing here and can eat them right after fishing. Please enjoy this unique experience when you come to our restaurant”.

In addition, Nebuta festival is one of the representative festivals in Japan, held every year from August 2 to 7, featuring a daily parade of enormous lantern float, flanked by large taiko drum, musicians and dancers.
“Nebuta Museum WA RASSE” is also a popular tourist spot in Aomori City.

Large nebutas that are actually used in “Aomori Nebuta Festival” are exhibited.

People can enjoy seeing the work of “Nebuta” art made using delicate Japanese technique.

In addition, guests can experience the live performance of Nebuta music which is performed at the Nebuta Festival.

“Performers gave me little sticks to make a sound and I needed to get used to drumming taiko. As soon as the chance came up, I took them and enjoyed it a lot” said a tourist from New Zealand.

Beautiful scenery, potential energy, and friendly hospitality of Aomori Prefecture attract many tourists from overseas.