Japan promotes fashion, food depicting Islamic culture, video goes viral

Tokyo [Japan]: Tokyo recently organised a fashion show, where models walked the ramp wearing the traditional Muslim dress while esigners lined up clothing with unique themes and styles.

Various combinations of different colours, fabrics, and fits were put into consideration to design clothes for Muslim women to enjoy various styles.

“I would like to receive various feedbacks by Muslim people from South Asian countries such as Indonesia and from around the world,” said the designer further adding, “I came here today because I wanted to introduce Japanese “Aizome” to many people outside Japan. What sets “Aizome” apart from conventional colouring methods is that, when you actually wear it around your face, you’ll notice how it brightens up the whole area of your face. It’s a traditional Japanese colour.

‘Aizome’ is a special dyeing technique used for the colouring the fabric in Indigo. It is a widely recognised technique of dyeing and has a very old history in Japan.

Japan is not only promoting cultural exchange but also business ties with the Muslim population. A lot of Japanese food companies have started producing ‘halal’ products; grocery stores are also stocked to cater Muslim customers.

“‘Halal’ certified products are rarely available here in Japan, so Muslim customers; particularly those who are housewives are usually very pleased that we carry a whole line of products in one store,” as told by a halal food seller.

Japan has a very small Muslim population, yet it has been receiving a large number of tourists from Islamic nations. Japan intends to increase cultural exchange between Japanese and Muslim people through fashion and food.

This event is held to cater to inbound travellers from Muslim nations as well as Muslims residents here, and also to introduce Japanese products internationally. In large cities like Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, halal food can be very competitive even in taste.

With the rising numbers of Muslim tourists and residents, Japan is quickly responding to this social trend through various cultural exchanges.(ANI)