Japan: Orix introduces self-drive car rental service in India

Japan: Orix introduces self-drive car rental service in India

New Delhi:  Catering to India’s increasing demand for passenger cars triggered by economic growth, Japan-based Orix announced the launch of the ‘Self-drive Car’ rental business to serve customers here.

With lifestyles diversifying, including travel and leisure, Indian demand to rent and drive cars by themselves has increased. Focusing on the large population of India, Orix established a line-up of popular cars and luxury models based on its car leasing business expertise, cultivated in Japan, and developed this business according to the market environment of India.

“On ground transportation space, Orix offers car rental services to the B2B sector. We have started a self-drive concept under the brand name ‘ MyChoize ‘ which targets the retail sector. In the last one and a half years, we’ve be able to create a space for ourselves as a brand recognition of the product. And demand is picking up. So what we are targeting is to get the Indian customer to experience Japanese service quality and technology, but at Indian prices,” said Sandeep Gambhir, MD and CEO, Orix Auto Infrastructure Services Limited.

Orix offers rent-a-car business in nine cities and plans to expand to more cities across India.

“With India’s large population, and personal incomes growing rapidly, I am sure the car business will definitely grow. In order to expand the business of Orix, we believe that it is most important to increase our name recognition, by expanding the self-drive rental, a B2C business,” said Akihiro Azuma Vice President- Business Strategy, Orix Leasing and Financial Services India Ltd.