Japan introduces new technology for eye care and safe driving

Tokyo (Japan): Work stress and long working hours in modern times lead to serious health problems. The impact is visible on the eyes.

In a move to provide best available care to eyes, Japan’s Seiko has recently launched “Seiko Optical boutique Marunouchi” in Tokyo.

Nobuo Tanaka, President, Seiko Optical Products Co. Ltd., said, “We provide both glasses and frames, which are comfortable for customers. Also, this flagship shop contributes to keep the eyes healthy.”

Seiko Optical boutique has various eye products for people of all age groups.

Frames and lenses are constituted by high quality material which enables most appropriate glasses for every person.

They are using the latest measuring instruments to prepare frames and lenses.

Tanaka further said, “It helps to measure frame from three dimensions. Measurement of eyes is important for a perfect frame.”

Seiko offers a variety of lens options; from bespoke designs created for each individual to lenses that match one’s lifestyle.

They design tailored lenses to suit the customer’s requirement and lifestyle.

Tanaka said, “Seiko is known for its watches but it is gaining popularity in the field of eye glasses. We have the confidence to produce most appropriate glasses for our global customers. We can protect eye health of the people.”

Not only eye care, Japan is giving special emphasis in producing cars with latest safety features.

At a recently held Tokyo Motor Show, many companies showcased future concept cars. Many of them are now concentrating on autonomous driving technology with more safety features.

Tatsuya Shiosaki, an official of the Exploratory and Advanced Product Department at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., said, “This is the IDS concept vehicle which embodies Nissan’s vision of autonomous driving in the future. Our goal of technology achievement is aimed to bring us to zero emission, and zero traffic fatalities to minimize accidents.”

Nissan believes 90 per cent of accidents are caused by human error. The company aims to realize zero fatalities society by promoting extensive autonomous system of sensors.

Shiosaki said, “The vehicle itself would make communications to the pedestrians and other traffic instead of the driver. As such, we are aiming to popularise self driving by realizing safety to all the people on the road.”

When you hear about Self Driving Cars, you might think about fully automatic operation cars in the future world.

But in reality, the practical use of driving assist technology is gradually realising on the road.

Shogo Ide, an official of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., said, “Combined with image sensing, Honda equipped with Millimeter wave radar, which has advanced accuracy and speed to detect the traffic.”

The gradual introduction of autonomy is becoming common practice among auto manufacturers.

Auto parking has already been practiced and installed to commercial models, and many of them have the basic technology to assist the driver automatically, such as cruise control and auto brakes.

Tadashi Nakamura, an official of the Toyota Motor Corporation, said, “Today, we are providing test ride on our integrated safety driving technology, which has been developed, proved and already put to practical use for our commercial models. We are developing such technologies to prevent traffic accidents and fatalities by commercialising it. I think all the other makers are working to achieve the same goals.”

With the introduction of advanced technology, the Japanese car manufacturers are eying to capture the global market. (ANI)