Japan introduces advanced technology for manufacturing industry

Tokyo, July 23 (ANI): Japan Manufacturing World is one of the world’s biggest exhibitions displaying future technologies.

Kubota Systems Inc. offers comprehensive IT solution for the manufacturing industry. For example, this application can lightly control high-definition 3D data by using XVL technology.

It can be used not by the designers, but the sales team also to make technical document.

Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX Co. Ltd. has made a compact laser-welding machine. By using the conventional method of welding, chances are that the product gets damaged. But the laser solves that problem.

The operation requires few seconds and the two separate parts can easily be joined. The technology is used to manufacture spare parts for cars.

Toshiba displayed projection mapping for manufacturing.

The company says that products can now easily be made custom-based with the use of 3D printer. The orders can be placed from anywhere in the world.

“We need to make a global system to manufacture and offer products to the customers. So, we will choose the best place in the world, such as where we get parts from, where we make it and so on,” said Chihiro Takahashi, Group Manager, Toshiba Corporation Industrial ICT Solutions Company .

At Live Entertainment and Event Expo in Tokyo, many new technologies were introduced for the entertainment and auto industry.

Nissan has introduced e-NV200, a multi-purpose commercial van, which is used as taxi in New York and London.

With its convenient onboard power outlets, the e-NV200 can supply electrical power.

Two power outlets that can draw a total of a maximum of 1,500W of power from the battery are installed in the front-seat side and the cargo area. They provide a convenient and safe electrical power source that comes in handy for offsite jobs or events.

“If the blackout or disaster happens, users can use the power in the car for emergency,” said Emi, Promotion Division Chuo-nissan Co., Ltd.

Japan’s Tapirs Co., Ltd also demonstrated face recognition technology.

To be installed for entrance management the system helps to recognize the face of the person. The technology has been developed by NEC.

“We started this project with the actual live event where about 1,40,000 visitors gathered in two days. We are now collaborating with NEC to manage entrance while maintaining high security with this system at the Tokyo Olympic in 2020,” said Takaaki Tomisawa, Tapirs Co. Ltd.

Japan will use face recognition technology during the Tokyo Olympic in 2020. (ANI)