January 2016 coldest in 30 years

Aizawl:This January recorded the coldest month in Mizoram in the past 30 years with average minimum temperature of 6.37 degrees celsius.

The lowest temperature of 3.7 degrees celsius recorded on January 24. The average minimum temperature was just 6.37 degrees celsius, said R K Lallianthanga, Chief Scientific Officer, Directorate of Science and Technology today said.

According to the data collected by scientists since 1986, the temperature of the state has been rising gradually during Janurary every year, barring this year.

Lalthanpuia and James Lalnunzira Hrahsel, project scientists in State Climate Change Cell said the range of maximum and minimum temperature widened considerably year after year during January.

They said though Mizoram has the highest forest cover in the country, climate change has not spared this hilly tiny north eastern state.

“The daily average increase in temperature during January was estimated at 0.026 degrees celsius,” they said.

The State Climate Change Cell was established last year under National Mission for Sustaining Himalayan Eco-system Project.