Jana hails Rythu Bandhu scheme, Govt to render justice to tenant farmers

Demanding that the State government explain as to why it introduced Rythu Bandhu scheme, CLP Leader K Jana Reddy today wanted the government to do justice to the “real” cultivators of lands.

`Speaking at the Assembly Media Hall here on Wednesday, Jana Reddy said he was welcoming the Rythu Bandhu scheme, but the government must ensure that the real cultivators be benefited with the scheme. He suggested to the State government to convene an all-party meeting on Rythu Bandhu scheme and elicit views of the Opposition parties, which were ready to provide details and suggestions to the State government.

Jana Reddy also advised the State government to ensure that the pattadars extend financial help to the cultivators (tenant farmers) if need arises. He said the present way of implementation of the scheme was not fulfilling the aim of the scheme. The real cultivators were experiencing losses as the government has no perfect figures on the tenant farmers. He congratulated the State government for not succumbing to the pressure of the ration dealers. (NSS)