Jan Gan Man ki baat: Gauri Lankesh’s Murder and Rohingya Refugees

Gauri Lankesh was not a mere journalist but a voice for Dalits, poor and women. She was fearless, independent while raising the issues of oppressed.

She was brutally murdered by three men and was shot seven times. Her murder was even applauded and trolled on social media, to add more to the cowardice of these “men”.

Whoever raises their voice against the wrongdoings in this country has to face consequences. Even before, there have occurred many incidents. Whether it is the voice of M.M Kalburgi, Dabholkar or any other one, which is daring and liberated, has been silenced with the abuses, threats and then by gun shots.

Vinod Dua mentions in his Jan Gan Man Ki Baat, Gauri Lankesh would run a magazine whose name was Gauri Lankesh Patrike. She had been valiant while speaking against violence in the name of religion and she would always condemn all the acts of viciousness, which could have become a reason that some people did not admire her.

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There is another angle which is being related to her murder, and it is when she wrote against two BJP leaders in The Indian Express. For which she was given a verdict of 6 months in prison and Rs 10,000 as a fine on defamation charges. However, she was given bail on the same day.

Whether this reason is connected with her killing or relating the murder with speaking against violence, in both scenarios, killing is not justified, the noted journalist said. Murdering her is a way of sending a message to those who are liberal, secular and to those who don’t believe sparking controversies in terms of division.

On the other hand, Vinod Dua in this video by the Wire said that in a recent bilateral visit of PM Modi to Myanmar, he abstained himself from talking about the fleeing Rohingya Muslims.

India has always been open when it comes to providing shelter for fleeing refugees. However, there is no sign that the two leaders spoke about the pathetic condition of Rohingya Muslims, may be because of their religious differences, Dua said.

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