Jammu: BJP MLA is in Extra-marital affair with student claims wife

Jammu: BJP MLA is in Extra-marital affair with student claims wife
PC: Janta Ka Reporter

Jammu: BJP MLA from RS Pura constituency in Jammu district is accused of having extra-marital affair according to his wife.

The BJP legislator’s wife Monika Sharma on Friday publicly accused her husband Gagan of not only having an extra-marital affair but also married the girl which is unlawful according to Hindu law.

According to the reports published in PTI, Gagan Bhagat has been living with the college student ever since he married her. The student’s father who is an ex-servicemen also accused Gagan of the same and said he abducted her from her college in Punjab.

Responding to claims of maintenance made by Bhagat who said he was paying Sharma an amount of Rs 1 Lakh per month, Monika replied: “not a single penny was given by him despite signing a maintenance form before a judge in April”.

She has also appealed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where she said: “daughter of your own family is seeking justice, not only for myself and my children but also for that girl who had just turned 19”, adding that the duo have been married for 13 years now.

Bhagat and the girl student both appeared separately before the disciplinary committee to clarify the alleged rumors.

Though the legislator refuted the allegations by his wife and claimed that the couple is in the process of getting divorced, Sharma says no suit has been filed in any court though they were living separately for the past 10 months.

Sharma who has a 12-year-old son and four-year-old daughter said she did remain quiet about her husband’s affair thinking about her children’s future.

“I did not have evidence to prove it (then), but now I have the proof and I have presented it before the committee yesterday,” adding that, “I have evidence they are married.”

Sharma has also submitted an incomplete marriage agreement reportedly signed by Bhagat and the student which also has her Aadhaar card details of her being married to Bhagat along with a marriage certificate of the duo signed with cross-checked Aadhar card box

“My mother-in-law visited the residence of the girl to inform her family about her affair with the MLA. On one occasion, she escaped on seeing me, leaving behind her phone. The selfies taken from the phone leave no doubt that they had an extra-marital affair and that they were married.”

Sharma also said that her son’s visit along with his father to Ludhiana in November was also accompanied by the student who lived with them.

“If they want to live together, let them admit it openly,” she said. “My appeal to my party is that if a person holding such a position indulges in these things what will happen to the society,” Sharma asks.

She further said: “Every time I have asked him to leave the girl he told me she might file a case against him if he dumps her,” adding he also asked Sharma not to appear before the committee.

When asked if Sharma is facing any death threats she replied, “threat perception is there. My family is saying that they heard you will be killed, or meet an accident or roughed up.”