Jamiatul Ulema take up the cases of Indian Mujahideen in Jaipur

Mumbai: SIT arrested 13 Muslim Engineering Graduates from Jaipur in 2014 alleging that they have contacts with Indian Mujahideen and they were planning to perform terrorist activities in Rajasthan.

Jamiatul Ulema is negotiating with the local lawyers to pursue these cases. These Muslim youths are in prison for the past two years. They have not been granted bail so far.

The family members of these accused Muslim youths had met Maulana Syed Arshad Madani, President of Jamiatul Ulema and Mr. Gulzar Azmi, Secretary, Legal Aid Committee on 25th August 2016 requesting the organizing to provide legal aid. They had also met Mr. Azmi in Mumbai on 28th September. Mr. Azmi sent Mr. Shahid Nadeem Ansari, Advocate of Mumbai and Mr. Mujahid, Advocate of Delhi to visit Jaipur to explore the possibilities of engaging competent lawyers to take up these cases.

—Siasat News