Jamia student dies after touching HT wire atop a train

New Delhi: A 19-year-old Jamia University student was electrocuted to death after he climbed on a goods train near Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and came in contact with a high tension wire, police said today.

Mohammad Ayub, a resident of old Delhi’s Farash Khana near Chandni Chowk, had gone to attend a family wedding in Nizamuddin area on March 4.

Ayub was returning after offering evening prayers with his cousins when they started discussing about what the stationary goods train was carrying, his cousins told police.

To check the content of the wagons, he climbed up the train and was charred to death after coming in contact with the wire, eyewitnesses told police.

Police have not filed any case in the matter after Ayub’s family members dismissed the reports about his death being a case of a selfie attempt gone awry.

The family members have claimed that Ayub was camera shy and did not even have a high-end phone, police said, adding his phone was found in his pocket.