Jamia Millia Islamia enforced new rules and regulations for students

New Delhi: Only three months after Jamia Millia Islamia extended its hostel curfew timings for women students, the university authorities have again decided to push back the previous curfew timings to 9 pm, along with disallowing protests against hostel rules and regulations, reports said.

The authorities had extended the time from 8 pm to 10.30 pm following students protests, Indian Express reported.

The university has also issued a new ‘Hostel Manual’ for the Hall of Girls’ Residence on Wednesday night along with the application forms for seeking hostel seats for the academic year 2018-19.

Apart from laying new rules and curfew timings by 9 pm, also included restrictions on ‘late nights on weekdays’ and submission of a copy of tickets if the student is taking outstation leaves or taking hostel leaves.

A woman student speaking about the new rules enforced claims that old rules which were relaxed after protests in March have been enforced again.

‘Leave proforma’ was enforced again, which needs to be submitted 24 hours prior before leaving.

She says this ‘manual’ was only issued to girl students while no such manual has been issued for the men’s hostels where there is no such curfew or leave operations.

A Jamia spokesperson responding to the new regulations enforced by the authority said, the decision was taken after receiving many complaints from parents about safety issues who did not want their children to be out till 10.30 pm.

“The 9 pm curfew timing is quite generous. It is far more relaxed than at other girls’ hostels like in Indraprastha College (IP) and Lady Shri Ram College for Women. If some students don’t want any restrictions, they are free to seek accommodation elsewhere. The rule relaxation after the protest was a contingency to put a plug on it,” the spokesperson said.

A former student Kokab Aleem, says that previous protests against the rules had erupted out of frustration experienced by a large number of students. “Around 600 students had joined the protest and it had lasted for four hours, which pressured the provost to sign our charter of demands. Women students were completely frustrated with the mountain of rules which infantalised us, and restricted our mobility and access to facilities like the 24-hour reading room,” she said.

The university has not only enforced new rules but also added a clause which states, “I will not indulge in any protest or signature campaign against hostel rules, regulations or timing,” has been added to the undertaking, meant to be signed by women students applying for hostel seats. Aleem claimed that this is “clearly a move to instill fear in the hearts of students.”

Responding to that the Jamia spokesperson said it was added because “…protests are disruptive, and other students cannot study because of the activity of a handful of students”.