Jalsa Yaumul Quran by MBT at Makkah Masjid

Jalsa Yaumul Quran by Majlis Bachao Tahreek will be held at Makkah Masjid on July 3 after Friday prayers. Dr. Qayam Khan president Tahreek will supervise. Programme will begin with the Quranic recitation of Hafez and Qari Syed Abdul Qader Faisal. Meraj Ahmed, Mohammed Naseeruddin, Hafez Nawal ur Rahman, Syed Ali Adil will present Naat-e-Shareef. Senior leaders of the Tahreek Maulana Syed Taher, Syed Mustafa Mahmood and other leaders will address. Mohammed Majeedullah Khan Farhat will deliver special address. Qari Sikander Mirza will organise the programme.

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