Jalandhar celebrates cultural diversity of Northeast

Jalandhar: A two-day-long Northeast Fiesta was organised in Punjab by northeast students’ organisation in association with Viva Collage Jalandhar recently to showcase the cultural diversity of all the eight north-eastern states of India.
Northeast region has a rich cultural diversity and the region is known for its distinct culture and traditional lifestyle. With an aim to connect people and bridge the gap between the mainland and the Northeast region, the fourth edition of Northeast Fiesta was held recently.
It is one of the biggest carnivals of Northeast India and held in Punjab.
The program was organised to showcase the cultural diversity of all the north-eastern states of India to the people of Punjab to foster brotherhood.
“The main purpose is to promote the culture in Punjab. Many people here are not aware of the northeast and they think that we are from other countries. So we want to share that we are not from another country, we have different groups of people and we talk in Hindi too,” said Komal Chutia, Media and Publicity In-charge North East Fiesta.
A variety of handicraft, handloom, art, traditional sport, photography, and tourism exhibition were presented from all the eight states of the region. Folk music and dance mesmerised the guests and local visitors.
A few northeast-based bands and one from Jalandhar also took part in the two-day jamboree.
“The main motto is the exchange of culture between the Northeast and Punjab. There will be Bhangra and along with it, there will be traditional dance form of the northeast states,” said Swarupnath, a member of the Tripura Union Northeast organisation.
Manipur-based designer Linthoi showcased her latest collection and there was also a cultural fashion show that showcased the potential of the eight north-eastern states.
Cultural folk music and dance were the main highlights of the Fiesta, including the cultural dance on the music of The Tetseo Sisters song ‘O Rhosi’, knock knocking on heaven’s door, Assamese group song, Manipuri song, and others.
‘Ophilia Kharluki’ from Meghalaya and ‘Fable’ from Nagaland enthralled the audience with their melodious voice.
“We enjoy the food and music. These people are very talented and when we see all these things, we enjoy it. I love their dress sense. I guess they are good at everything,” said Payal, a visitor from Chennai.
Northeast Fiesta is not only a platform to bridge the gap between the north-eastern states of India and Punjab but it showcases the cultural beauty of the respective states and provides a platform to young talented designers and singers.
“It is a great opportunity. Not many Indians know about me. They have a slight idea but they don’t know about the culture. So doing this will provide them more opportunity,” said Peng, a student from Nagaland.