Jaitley accuses Opposition of ‘fake campaigns’ against PM Modi, coining ‘Hindu terror’ term

New Delhi [India]: Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday hit out at “compulsive contrarians” for their alleged “fake campaigns” against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“To each fake campaign of the ‘compulsive contrarians’ over a period of time, ultimately the truth has prevailed. Either it is the electoral mandate or the judicial process which gives the final verdict,” Jaitley wrote in a blog titled ‘Three Fake Campaigns Busted in a Single Day.’

The three fake campaigns, according to Jaitley, are the theory of ‘Hindu Terror,’ Godhra train fire of 2004, and Nirav Modi arrest.

The Union Minister accused the important ministers of erstwhile UPA government of coining the term ‘Hindu terror’ asserting that it was an attempt to distract attention from ‘Jihadi’ terror and a conspiracy to bring a bad name to liberal majority community in India.

“The vicious theory of ‘Hindu terror’ was coined during the UPA Government by important UPA Ministers and leaders. The ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ adopted it. It was an effort to distract attention from Jihadi terror. It was a conspiracy to give a bad name to the otherwise liberal majority community in India,” he wrote in his blog.

“In a series of incidents across the country during UPA-1, an effort was made to invent ‘Hindu terror.’ In one case, the actual terrorists were arrested. Upon rethinking by the government, a charge-sheet was filed against a set of individuals belonging to the Hindu community and completely contradicting the earlier investigation,” Jaitley said.

The Union Minister claimed that US States Department and United Nations kept hinting at ‘a certain Jihadi organisation’ but, the then UPA government considered it a ‘Hindu Conspiracy’.
Jaitley said,”Yesterday’s verdict by the Court has judicially put the last nail in the coffin of the so-called ‘Hindu terror theory.”

Talking of Godhra train tragedy of 2001, Jaitley blamed the “Compulsive Contrarians” for contending that ‘burning of the train was self-engineered either by the state or Kar Sevaks’.
The Minister alleged that these “Compulsive Contrarians” have made a career out of creating social tension in Gujrat.

“Many ‘Compulsive contrarians’ who had made a career out of creating social tensions in Gujarat started contending that the burning was self-engineered by either the State or the Kar Sevaks,” he said in his blog.
Jaitley also accused the then UPA government of acting in “most irresponsible” manner.

“In the most irresponsible act of the UPA Government, the Ministry of Railways under Lalu Prasad Yadav selected, without consultation of the Chief Justice of India, a retired Supreme Court Justice, UN Banerjee, as a Commissioner for Railway Enquiry. The Judge willing to oblige the Government and its political interest submitted a report that there was no burning by the mob and that the fire had taken place from inside the compartment where the Hindu pilgrims were,” he said.

Finance Minister termed the alleged ‘subversion of evidence’ in order to cover up the heinous crime act as ‘the worst stigma’ on UPA and its Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh).

“Yesterday, the trial court, after perusing all the evidence, has convicted one more accused,” he said in his blog.
Jaitley also claimed that Nirav Modi was arrested on India’s request and asserted that whoever cheats India and its institutions ‘can not get away’.

“His (Nirav Modi’s) assets have been frozen, are being auctioned, a criminal prosecution against him have been filed, recovery action for the dues owed to the banks and creditors are being pursued,” he said.

“He is alleged to have been escaped from one jurisdiction to another. It goes to the credit of our investigating agencies that they were pursuing him,” the Minister said while expressing hopes that India will get him back.
“This also busts the fake campaign that the present Government had anything to do with him,” he added.