Jaipur: Protest at Gandhi Circle against Afrazul’s killing

Jaipur: Dalits groups came out against hate crimes and Hindutva. They rejected the glorification of Hate. Three-day dharna demanding End of Hate will be staged soon

#notinmynameprotest Jaipur began with slogans

“4 years of Vasundhara Raje misrule
Rajasthan burnt in the fire of Hate”

“One Achievement of Vasundhara misrule
Hate ! Hate !Hate !Hate !”

“Vasundhara Raje resign.now”

More than 25 organizations came out to protest against the growing hate campaign of the Hindutva forces which resulted in the ghastly killing of Afrazul in Rajsamand, by the Hindutva hate clone Shambhu Lal Raigar,

Rejecting the glorification of Shambhu Lal as a Hindu saviour or Shere’ Mewar, Dalit groups came out in large numbers stating that Dalits believed in a satrangi (rainbow), plural Rajasthan, with the domination of no caste or religion. They also said that the rise of Hindutva was the Rise of Manuvad in Rajasthan, which was against the Indian Constitution, could not be allowed. They also appealed to all Dalit groups to not get into the Hindutva politics of hate and murder.

Those Dalit group leaders who spoke consisted of Tek Chand Rahul of the All India Baudh Mahasabha, Bhanwar Meghwanshi, writer and journalist and Dr. Dashrath Singh Hingonia of the Raiger maha sabha and of the Ambedkarite party. Others from the Dalit movement also participated. They also announced that they would conduct a press conference rejecting this glorification of the crime and the politics of Hate.

The other speakers included Prof. Salim Gen secretary of Jamait Islam hind who demanded the those who created the horror Shambhu lal also needs to be arrested. He also demanded that the investigation must examine as to who else was involved in the planning. It was pushing the whole society towards hate.

Nisha Sidhu of the NFIW said that today, the 13th December, the BJP Government led by Vasundhara Raje completed four years of Misrule, everybody demanded her resignation as she had pushed Rajasthan in the fire of Hate.

Others who spoke included Mr. Arco OF MILLI COUNCIL, Mukesh Goswami, of the MKSS, Kavita Srivastava of the PUCL, Syed Waliuulah Qadri national secretary AISF and Rahila of AISF from Delhi. There was the participation of janwaro mahila samiti, janwadi lekhak sangh, BGVS, Azad foundation, National muslim women welfare society, AIPWA, AITUC, BARC, Nagrik manch, PUCL interns amongst others.

The meeting ended with a plea to break the silence on Hate quoting Martin Luther King, that……the greatest tragedy of the current social transition is not the strident clamour of the bad people but the appalling silence of the good people.

The meeting concluded with a two-minute silence and the lighting of candles.

Kavita Srivastava, Rashid, Mukesh, Bhanwar meghwanshi, nisha sidhu, Rashid Hussain

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