Jail petrol bunk earns Rs. 17 crore profit

Hyderabad: DGP of persons, Mr. V.K. Singh informed that during the year Jail Dept. of TS earned a profit of Rs. 17 crore. He hoped that in 2019, the profit would be Rs. 30 crore.

Addressing a press conference, he disclosed this information. The turn out of jail petrol bunk during the year 2018 was Rs. 495 crore.

He further told that steps are being taken to free prisons from corruption.

Last year, no unpleasant incident took place, he said.

He informed that during the past five years, 132000 persons got education. American and Sri Lankan deputation appreciated the efforts of prisons in TS.

In Anand Ashram, run by prisoners, 7319 men and 4475 women beggars have been accommodated.

[source_without_link]Siasat News[/source_without_link]