Jai Hoo :Hat”s off to Hindus and Muslims of Bihar

Once Again, Indians have rejected religious based politics.  Hindus rejected BJP and RSS, while Muslims have rejected Owaisi-polarized platform.   Repeatedly Hindus have in the past and present rejected the concept of Hindu India.   Even in the last General Elections, only 30% of the people voted for BJP.


As rightly pointed out by Arnab Goswamy on Times now network that Samajwadi party,Nationalistic congress party and Mim  let by Mulayam singh,Sharad pawar and owasi were playing the role of BJP-B TEAM in splitting secular in Bihar and now all the 3 parties are happy on RJD-JD AND CONGRESS PARTY WINNING bIHAR ELECTIONS.

HATS off to Bihar voters even though these supposed to be secular parties have split more than 3 % of secular votes for their master ie  HINDUTAVA PARTIES .unnamed (1)


Asadududdin Owaisi with his All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM) was supposed to be the X-factor in the Bihar elections. Overall, his entry was being counted as a plus for the BJP. But as the elections progressed, the Grand Alliance managed to portray Owaisi as a vote-spoiler and he failed to make any impact.  By rejecting Owaisi, Muslims have actually helped defeating BJP.


These two groups,  Owaisi Parivar and Sangh Parivar have done everything to polarize India IBN 2014 AND Bihar in 2015  But, Hindu/Muslim vote has kicked out both of them.  Indians have proclaimed one more time like majority of the times in the past, India was, is and will be a secular country.