“Jahannam bana diya hai dunya ko, Jannat kay talabgaron nay” tweets Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai: For the past three and a half year, since the Modi government came into power, the social fabric of Indian society has been disturbed by extremist elements. The situation is same in neighbour country Pakistan too, where in a broad daylight people are seen killed in terror attacks and suicide bombings. In the name of faith, religious groups are promoting hatred against each other and endangering humanity.

The film industry of both India and Pakistan is facing stiff resistance from extremist groups. ‘Padmavati’ in India and ‘Verna’ in Pakistan are just the recent examples among many.

In this context, Mahesh Bhatt, noted film director, has posted few tweets on his twitter account which apparently reflected the current extremist situation. These posts carry messages from famous poetry of Urdu language poets.

Mahesh Bhatt’s tweets

“Jaanay kab koun kissay maar de kafir kah kar
Shahar ka shahar musalmaan hua phirta hai”

“Apne kirdar pe daal ke pardah Iqbal
Har shaqs kah raha hai zamana kharaab hai”

“Jahannam bana diya hai dunya ko
Jannat kay talabgaron nay”

“Shah biktay hain;faqir biktay hain
Yaan sagheer o kabeer biktay hain
Kuch sar e aam; kuch pas e deewar
Iss shahar mein zameer biktay hain”