Jagga Reddy wants KCR to ensure Jobs to locals in BHEL, BDL, etc.

The former government whip T Jagga Reddy has demanded the state government to make the BHEL, Ordinance Factory and BDL companies to provide  jobs to locals.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Jagga Reddy said that North Indians were getting benefited with the national-wide notification to fill the vacant positions. The centre had made it clear that the Assembly has to pass a resolution and send the same to the  centre in this regard when he brought the issue to the notice of the centre in the past, he said. This has  not happened due to the division of the state, he said. He asked the Chief Minister to take interest in this regard and get a  resolution adopted  in the  State Assembly in this regard. He also asked the  Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya to mount pressure on the centre in this matter. (NSS)