Jaganmohan Reddy to begin six-month long Padayatra on November 6

Visakhapatnam: YSR Congress Party Chief Jaganmohan Reddy will embark on a massive Padayatra or foot march titled ‘Praja Sankalpam’ (Tour for the welfare of people) on November 6.

The extensive six-month long walkathon will cover 3,000 kms on foot, 125 constituencies, more than 5,000 exclusive roadside meetings, 180 influencer group meetings and 125 large public address meetings.

The foot march aims to reach more than 20,000 party members and above 10,000 habitats and will impact two crore individuals across Andhra Pradesh. The key message of the campaign involves four aspects- letting the people know that they are part of YSR Kutumbam; understanding public concerns and voicing their suffering; representing the interests of every single individual in the state and working towards transforming the state into the most developed in India.

Reddy’s foot march schedule will start with a meeting with a selected influencer group. A second meet is planned after lunch before the next stretch of walk begins.

The Padayatra Central Coordination Unit (PCCU) will monitor the campaign at the state level which will be assisted by Padayatra District Coordination Committee (PDCC). The district committee will in turn take the help of Padayatra Assembly Coordination Committee (PACC).

The Padayatra Assembly Coordination Committee (PACC) will be accorded with the responsibility of suggesting best possible routes to be taken by Jaganmohan Reddy, identifying public meeting points and discerning probable new maker activities that could be undertaken by Jagan Reddy, effectively managing crowds and ensuring proper branding in routes taken by the cavalcade.

Meanwhile, another simultaneous campaign called Rachabanda will launch on November 11 and go on for four months. This campaign will entail party leaders visiting and conducting meetings in selected villages in their constituencies to discuss grievances of people and understand their aspirations.

In order to reach out to the lowest denominator, Rachabanda will involve Palle Nidra (a stay at a local’s house in a selected village) and a door-to-door drive to propogate the need for special category status. (ANI)