Jackie Chan wishes to win Best Actor Oscar ‘one day’

Los Angeles: Legendary actor Jackie Chan, who will be next seen in Martin Campbell‘s ‘The Foreigner’, has revealed that he wants to win a Best Actor Oscar some day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 63-year-old actor shared that he wants people to say that he is a good actor.

He said, “I’ve been working so hard for all these years in the film business. I wanted to prove that I’m a good stunt man, I’m a good stunt coordinator, I’m a good director, I’m a good producer, that I can write. Now, I want them to say, “That Jackie, he is a good actor”.”

Adding, “After I got a life achievement Oscar, I want to get a best actor Oscar.”

When asked about his choice to take a dramatic turn from typical action star to a character role, he noted, “For action stars, it’s hard to change. How many action stars today stay in the film business? They’re gone.”

The ‘Rush Hour‘ star also shared that he wants to try his hands in TV.

“I want to try TV drama. Look right now in Hollywood, every big star is doing a TV show. I watch so many American TV shows, and those are so good. I want to team up with any American studio, if they have a good project. The problem right now? We have the money but we don’t have a script,” said Chan.

It should be noted that Jackie Chan will be seen next in ‘The Foreigner’ alongside Pierce Brosnan.