J-K Dy. CM Nirmal Singh dubs disengagement of troops from Doklam as ‘victory of India’

Srinagar : The Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Nirmal Singh, on Monday dubbed the disengagement of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China from the Doklam plateau as ‘victory of India.’

“It’s a victory of India, of our PM, of our patience and of the depth of Indian democracy. Ultimately a mighty nation like China has to bow before the patience of India,” he told reporters.

Addressing the recent Pulwama encounter, Nirmal Singh said that Pakistan is desperate and is trying to influence the Kashmiris against India.

“This is a proxy war. Pakistan is desperate and new people and new faces are coming to exploit Kashmiri people’s sentiments, but we will firmly deal with them,” he commented on the Kashmir violence.

He also urged for people’s cooperation and for politicians to rise above party politics to deal with the situation.

“Since we are at a decisive position, now that the Centre is firmly dealing with it under the guidance of our Prime Minister – whether they be separatists or terrorists – results are coming. In such a situation, the people as well as the opposition should cooperate, because when it comes to national security, we should rise above politics,” Singh told reporters.

Reiterating his stand on Pakistan, he said that Pakistan will soon be declared a terrorist state, and refuted Afzal Guru’s squad’s claim of being responsible for the Fidaayin attack in Pulwama that killed eight security personnel.

“The three terrorists were from Pakistan, what does that have to do with Afzal Guru Squad? Pakistan is desperate and trying to influence Kashmiris, especially the youth against India,” he said. (ANI)