J-K: Army personnel display Bofors gun on Kargil Day celebrations

Drass (Kargil) (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]: Following Kargil Day celebrations, Indian Army personnel on Monday displayed a Bofors gun in Drass.

An army person told ANI that the Bofors used in the Kargil War majorly helped win the war.

“The Bofor was used in the Kargil War and successfully conquered heights. It is highly capable of firing in various terrains. The gun can fire in both low angle and high angle. The gun’s maximum range is 30.9 kilometres”, he said.

Captain Akhilesh Saxena present on the occasion said that the gun is the backbone of the Indian army.

“They are very effective weapon in terms of capability and fire power”, he added.

He said that the gun played a crucial rule during the Kargil War, as it helped the army to capture the objectives of the enemy.

Saxena said that with time, the weapons need to be revived, but Bofors are still the no.1 weapon of the Indian Army. (ANI)