‘Izzat Ghar’ not attracting women in Kanpur

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh): Public toilets built under the campaign ‘Izzat Ghar’ have failed to attract women in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur.

The campaign was launched by the state government to keep a check on open defecation and to promote Swachh Bharat mission.

The campaign apparently failed in its objectives as most of the women are not using it.

However, the number of men using Izzat Ghar is more as compared to that of women.

The keeper of the Izzat Ghar said that most of the women are not using the toilet as they are not aware of it.

“The number of men using the public toilet is more than women. Women are not aware of it that is why they don’t come,” said Shailendra, a keeper.

Izzat Ghar is a brainchild of the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government.

Earlier, the Centre had directed to name every toilet constructed across the country under the Swachh Bharat Mission as ‘Izzat Ghar’ (house of dignity).

This comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his constituency Varanasi and laid the foundation stone for a toilet which was named ‘Izzat Ghar’.(ANI)