Owaisi has converted Ittehadul Muslimeen into Inteshaarul Muslimeen

General Secretary All India Congress Committee Dig Vijay Singh told that the BJP government whose election agenda was development, with a planned conspiracy was making attacks on minorities and spreading hate venom across the country to cover up its failures. He also slams Majlis Ittehad ul Muslimeen saying that no one becomes Muslim sympathiser just by wearing Sherwani and cap. He claimed that Owaisi had converted Ittehad ul Muslimeen into Intesharul Muslimeen for political gains.

In an exclusive interview to Siasat Mr. Dig Vijay Singh told that there were over 100 parliamentary constituencies in the country where Muslims were in decisive position. Although a Muslim can’t get victory in those constituencies they could play the role in defeating any political force. He said ‘I repeat that a member of parliament travels around the country with the slogan of Muslims’ injustice but have become ally of BJP and RSS while aiding defeat of secular parties.’

Mr. Singh said Congress party had always opposed communalism and it had never compromised with secularism nor shook hands with communal forces. ‘A handful of elements are trying to create hatred between Hindus and Muslims for their personal and political gains but they forget the fact that 90 percent of the people are promoters of cosmopolitan culture and believe in peace and harmony. They will not allow violence, hatred to flourish.’ He said.

Mr. Dig Vijay Singh further stated that Narendra Modi had given the slogan of development and promised to bring black money within 100 days. He had also promised Acche Din. But 16 months after his coming to power its seems that he has brought Acche din not for people but for the Hindutva forces. He claimed that Narendra Modi is patronising communal elements and creating hatred among Hindus and Muslims to divert people’s attention from his failures. Sometimes Muslims are threatened and asked to go to Pakistan. They are harassed by issues like Love Jihad and Ghar Wapasi.

Mr. Dig Vijay Singh asserted ‘the remote control of central government is in the hands of RSS. Narendra Modi does what RSS wishes. Now communal texture is being added to beef controversy.’

The AICC General Secretary urged all parties with secular ideologies to join hands and combat communalism. He lamented that that Majlis president Asaduddin Owaisi who claims to be the champion of Muslims’ cause, sees Congress as communal and BJP as secular. There is no difference between Majlis and RSS ideologies; both are creating hatred and misleading Hindus and Muslims for their political gains. Hence I had tweeted a picture showing RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi as two sides of the same face, he said. He asked why Asad Owaisi can’t see backwardness of old city.

Mohammed Nayeem Wajahat