Here’s how easy it is to book a metro bike in Hyderabad

The Hyderabad Metro Rail has set up bikes at affordable rates for commuters on a rental basis. The Metro e-bikes will cost as low as Rs 4 per kilometre.

The service can be availed by passengers after downloading the Metro Bikes app, which will get their driving license and identification proof verified. if you are not a smartphone user as you can book your bike on the spot based on availability.

You can and also book a bike of your choice through official Metro Bikes, All the bikes come with a helmet and a first-aid kit to keep you safe during an accident or an emergency.
The process is simple, first, you just have to register on the application by filling a form and verifying your license. Initially, the application charges you Rs 100 as a deposit money that is later refunded to your app wallet.

Then at the metro station, you are required to deposit your original identity proof (License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.) with the volunteer and you’ll get your card back once you return the vehicle. There are two volunteers at the station to help you through a simple two-step process before you claim your bike.

This service will allow customers to travel at half the price of autos and taxis and moreover, the passengers can drive the bike home, keep it with them overnight and return it back at any metro station on the next day.