It’s official! Pregnant women do experience discrimination at work

A new study has confirmed that many expecting women experience unfair and unlawful treatment at work, and some even get sacked just for taking maternity leave.

According to the charity Maternity Action report, around 60,000 women face discrimination yearly and many employers manage to get away with it.

And, the introduction of 1,200 pounds up front tribunal fees has made the situation worse as it discourages many ladies from taking legal action against their employer, the Independent reported.

The findings explained that 1 in 3 women, who get fired unduly and win a tribunal, do not get any compensation at all, and just 4 in 10 tribunal awards are paid in full.

Also, users of Maternity Action’s online information services have doubled between 2011 and 2012, and about 400,000 information sheets have been downloaded from its website this year. (ANI)