‘It’s not Jihad but Jahalat’: Kashmiri told militants who killed 12-year-old boy

SRINAGAR: A video of an elder Kashmiri pleading two militants for releasing a 12-year-old boy who was held hostage by them and was killed on Thursday.

Mir Mohalla, the villager from Jammu and Kashmir’s Hajin area of Bandipora district, could be seen in the video pleading the militants- Ali alias Furkan and Hubaib, to release Atif Mir.

He was heard saying this is not “Jihad” but “Jahalat” referring to the abduction of the Atif.

According to media reports, both the militants were identified as Pakistanis and members of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) taken shelter in the boy’s house at gunpoint. They allegedly wanted to sexually abuse his sister but the family made her escape.

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This irked the militants and they began thrashing the family members.

Hearing the cries, local tipped-off the police who reached the spot and began the rescue operation. The police successfully managed to secure Mir’s parents and other family but failed to rescue little boy and his uncle Hameed, as the militants open fire.

They proceed with caution during the operation but could not be saved the minor boy and was brutally killed by militants.