It’s hard to define Arjun, Janhvi’s relationship

Mumbai: Although actors Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor are step-siblings who share the same father, different mothers, their relationship is hard to define.

Since Janhvi’s mother — the great Sridevi — died, the estranged siblings have begun bonding.

As Arjun said, this is the least he could do.

This Sunday’s Koffee With Karan had Arjun playing the protective brother to an obviously vulnerable and painfully young sister. Arjun gave a very emotional account of why he chose to reach out to his father’s daughters after their mother died.

This was a moment of great honesty in a talk show that routinely revels in subterfuge.

There is something genuine about Arjun. He seemed incapable of lying this evening.

When Karan Johar asked him if he was single, Arjun answered in the negative and also volunteered the information that he’s ready for marriage.

We can now expect Arjun and his alleged lady-love, Malaika Arora, to make their relationship official.

The rest of the show had very little meat or heat to the chat. The siblings were heartwarming together. But that’s about it. Beyond that, they had nothing to offer except giggles about Karan Johar’s sexuality and Janhvi’s ignorance about ‘hook-ups’ and otherworldly things that men do with women.

There is something genuine and unspoiled about this sibling pair. Unfortunately, two innocent people together on Karan Johar’s couch amounts to hearing the correct answers for more than an hour.

We wonder how Boney’s first wife Mona and second wife Sridevi would have reacted to all this talk about the family coming together.

Not that anyone is asking them.