It’s donkey all the way in Pakistan

Lahore: Pakistan has got another distinction. It has become the world’s third largest country in donkey population with their the number crossing 5 million. Lahore alone has more than 41,000 miles.

The Pakistan Economic Survey 2017-18 noted that the number of donkeys in the country has increased by 100,000 to 5.3 million.

The rapidly increasing figures have revealed by the Punjab Livestock Department, as reported by Geo News, a Pakistan-based news channel.

In view of the rising population of donkeys, the Punjab government has also set up a hospital for the animals where they are treated free of charge.

According to the report, Pakistan has turned out to be the third largest country with a population of beasts of burden.

Their owners say the animals help them earn a good sum and the business, particularly in Lahore. They are mainly used in carts, ferrying goods and at construction sites.

A donkey costing Rs 35,000 to Rs 55,000 helps earn around Rs 1,000 per day, the report mentioned.

“Our business of donkeys here is flourishing. Also, we get good returns when we sell them,” a donkey breeder told Geo.