It is wrong to offer namaz on government land: Deoband Mufti

Saharanpur: Commenting upon the ban on namaz in the park by Noida authorities in UP, Mufti of Deoband said it is wrong to offer namaz on government land. Police in Sector 58 of Uttar Pradesh’s Noida has also issued a notice to the companies in the industrial hub to ensure their employees do not use a park for any religious activity, including offering namaz on Fridays.

Mufti Ahmed of Deoband said if the offering of namaz in park creates controversy or the place is public or government then devotees should avoid using it for namaz. Devotees should offer namaz on government or public land only after getting permission.

Mufti reiterated that if offering namaz creates controversy then it is better to avoid offering namaz there. He said namaz is an obligation but forcefully offering namaz at some place is not right.