It is worrisome to note that gau rakshaks are not listening to PM Modi: Hamed Ansari

New Delhi: Expressing concern over the rising terror of gau rakshaks, former vice president Hamed Ansari said that the gau rakshaks are not even listening to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is a matter of concern. He told this while talking to media persons before the release of his book ‘Dear I question’.

Timesnow quoted him as saying, “Modi is a strong leader. He is the unquestioned leader of his party. If his words are not being listened to, that’s a matter of serious concern. No need to say that there are people in his party who are defying him. I am not drawing that conclusion.”

While maintaining that there has been a rise of vigilantism, he stated that there have been incidents of attacks and lynchings of people belonging to the minority community suspected of cow smuggling or in the name of eating beef in some states. However, he asserted that it cannot be said that the communal divide emerged only after the Modi government came to power as it has been there for very long.