It happens only in India: Muslim family celebrates birthday of their cow, orders 10kg cake

Meerut: Amid growing atmosphere of fanaticism and intolerance in the country over cow-related issues, here is a heart-warming story from Hapur.

A Muslim family celebrated the first birthday of their cow, Julie with 10kg specially-designed eggless Vanilla cake. Julie was also made to wear a birthday cap and the invitees relished on pakodas, sweets and fruits, according to a report in Times Of India.

“Julie and her mother Bholi are just like family members to us. We take care of them like we take care of other kids in the family. So, when time came for Julie’s first birthday, we had to make it big. We started planning it well in advance and invited over 100 people to the birthday bash,” said 29-year-old Mohd Irshaad who is employed in a Noida-based chemical waste management firm.

“We ordered an eggless vanilla cake, which had miniature cow candies on its top. The guests also brought gifts for Julie; fruits are its favourite, so my friends got watermelon, bananas and pomegranates gift-wrapped for the occasion,” Irshaad said. The get-together cost the family Rs 40,000.

The family in city’s Sikander Gate colony has had cows for over 40 years but their birthday parties and naming ceremonies were started only in 2008 after Irshaad’s father, Haji Abdul Gani, who passed away on July 29 this year, insisted on this due to his love for cows.