“It is essential to free people from the cruel clutches of TRS Govt.”: Kodandaram

Hyderabad: President of Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS), Prof. Kodandaram admitted that he exerted pressure on Congress for the allotment of Assembly seats to his party.

He further told that he is ready to do anything for relieving the people of Telangana to save them from the atrocities of TRS Govt. It is for the Congress to exhibit large heartedness in distributing seats to other parties.

He also told that if he is moving two steps forward, Congress should move at least one step ahead. He made a mention of the efforts he is taking to forge unity among the likeminded political parties. It is the responsibility of the Congress to take all the parties along with it. He noticed that political situation in the State is changing rapidly. All the political parties should unite together to dislodge cruel TRS Govt.

He reiterated that the passion with which Telangana Movement was launched has not been fulfilled. There is a need to launch election campaign against TRS with the same passion for which unity of all the other political parties is essential.

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