IT employees in Hyderabad still prefer work from home

Sakina Fatima

Hyderabad:  In the past five months, the software employees got used to working in the comfort of their home shows the survey by the Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA).

The survey conducted shows that about 95 per cent of the IT companies operated work from home almost from March 26. 

After which, many employees worked from home; however, a few were also given laptops and desktops. 

Getting used to the comfort and environment at home, the employees now find it even difficult to go back to the office. 

As per the survey, lack of confidence in employees is another big reason in returning to the office.

According to HYSEA, by the end of March 2021, nearly 31 per cent of respondents want 70-89 employees to operate from home. Only a small minority of companies wanted an aggressive 30 per cent WFH while the rest want 70 per cent or more.

Eighty per cent of companies in Hyderabad IT services, ITES companies that are India/Hyderabad headquartered, and many MNCs said a reduction in cases and vaccine availability are the factors that will encourage techies a return to the office.

Eighty per cent of the companies have said employee productivity is over 75 per cent. Almost all companies have reported more than 90 per cent productivity.

Major Obstacles faced by the employees at home broadband, power cuts, and working atmosphere. Low employee morale, reported by 34 per cent of respondents.

Almost 70 per cent of companies hired freshers in the last six months. The majority of the companies said they would likely to privilege the offers that already made to freshers.

A majority of the companies, including large and very large, reported they need the same or 25 per cent less office space than pre-pandemic times when the employees return to the office. Fifty per cent of companies said their campus hiring in 21-22 return to pre-pandemic levels. “Nearly 60 per cent of companies said lateral hiring go on during the current financial year. Its a healthy sign of business doing fine.

” According to HYSEA, no unusual attrition on account of the pandemic was reported by any company. The numbers are within the industry medium range.

HYSEA is a registered organization with more than 300 members representing the IT/ITES industry in Hyderabad

The IT/ITES industry in Hyderabad has over 5.82 lakh employees working in 1,500 companies. The sector had clocked exports of over Rs 1.28 lakh crore during 2019-20.